Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm sure I just don't understand the importance

Names changed to protect the innocent and to avoid people losing their jobs.

So this person I know works in a cube. Lets call him Jeff Sharkey. Now Jeff really loves sharks (probably because of his last name) and so he has shark pictures all over his cube and hanging from the ceiling, etc. He also is similar to me in that he has a lot of clutter in his cube. Jeff started called his cube the "Shark Pit" and so did everyone else. And because its just kind of a Geek/Jeff thing to do, Jeff flipped his nameplate (that sticks on the outside of his cube) around, and taped a piece of paper to it that says "Shark Pit". And then we would say stuff like, "Can you come over to the shark pit." Ha ha... yeah, sometimes it the small things that keep geeks sane. ;)

At the place that Jeff works there are cube police. (Yeah, if you read Dilbert you've seen them there before). So Jeff gets told by his cube neighbor "Hey, the cube police were by and wrote up a citation and left it on your desk." Jeff was like, "What did they write me up for now... The sharks hanging from the ceiling (everyone's first guess) or maybe all the clutter in the cube (the second guess)." Nope...

Jeff got written up because it is a security violation to have "Shark Pit" in his nameplate rather than his official name. Security left a citation, along with "If you have any quesitons give us a call." I think he had 24 hours to get this serious violation fixed. So he flipped his name plate around so that now it says "Jeff Sharkey"

Good thing they have people whose job it is to enforce these serious kinds of issues. Otherwise someone might have some fun and actually get some work done!

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