Sunday, October 08, 2006

Choppers roar for slain teen

Article says there were over 5K bikes, I heard from the Highway Patrol that there were 7K. So, we raised somehwere between $125K and close to $200K. They said the money is going to go towards Emily's family and helping the 5 other girls that were there. This is just a start - a foundation to help with school violence.

Probably the biggest ride we've been in so far. It was pretty incredible with all the people on the sides of the roads, ribbions, signs, ballons. You could tell the little communities around Baily really appreciated it. The folks around town were great. We stopped at the Cutthroat Cafe on the way out for lunch. Turns out that was where Emily worked. The owner was there. We were going to sit outside but there was no shade, "I'll set an umbrella up for you guys if you want. Whatever you want. You guys rock." I think it really touched folks that 5K to 10K bikers came out to ride.

Pretty amazing that they put all this together in 10 days time. It wasn't super organized, but pretty good - and as far as I could tell, everyone kept in mind the reason we were there and were cool about things.

The news channel wanted to interview Tina, but she was too shy (WHAT?) - and said no. Turns out we later read something that said the family would appreciate if people did not do interviews, so it was probably for the best.

My prayers are with the family and those involved. Both here and around the country as there were three school violence incidents that week.


Mom said...

I'm sure that the compassion shown by the riders helped the families.
That was a wonderful thing to do.
Such a sad situation ~
Satan is alive & well.

Tina shy....?
She usually hides it so well.

Love you guys ~

Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to tell you guys! You mentioned that you went on this ride and wondered if I heard of it. I did because it was on CNN! Headline news all day. I kept watching for you guys but didn't see a flash of you. Very cool ride in general though - I'm proud you guys were part of it.