Friday, October 06, 2006


I saw on b-may's site a link to World66, so I checked it out. Registered and generated the following map:

No, these aren't the only states I've been to... But rather than "Here is everywhere I've been", I think I'm going to use it for "Here is everywhere I've been on the Harley." :) You can also fill in a world map... but since I've only been to the US on the bike, not much point. Maybe later. If I ever win the Lottery (which isn't likely since don't buy tickets - but you know what I mean), I'd love to ship the bike to Europe and ride around. Would be very cool. But I'll work on the US first... And maybe Canada. Well and maybe Mexico. We were very close to that on our last trip - if I had only known it would get me another big read country. ;)

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