Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boup boup - boup boup

Driving home from work yesterday and called Tina (I always call her to let her know I'm on my way home, figure out what we will do for dinner, etc.)

M: Hey babe, I'm heading home. What do you think we should do for dinner?
T: discusses dinner - Hey, I just talked to Tif, she went to the Doctor today and they heard PeaBaby's heart-beat.
M: Wow - that is really cool. I start thinking about that whole thing. Tina at this point in her pregnancy with Tif, not being there to see Tif, etc.
T: Hello... are you still there?
M: croak out yes...
T: Are you CRYING?
M: Just a sec... I can't talk

I so wish I was there to share in all this - to hear the heartbeat. Man - that hit me way harder than I would have thought. We hang up, I shake it off, start breating again, and contine on my way home.

I get home.

M: I can't believe I started crying like that.
T: Yeah I know... I called Tif back and told her you started crying, and then SHE started crying and said "I guess I get that from my dad."

Yeah, I guess she does.


Sue Wagner said...

Yes and I started to cry when I read this.
Guess you got it from me ...kind of like a "family heirloom"...?
It's a beautiful thing to share !

Sue Wagner said...

Sharing the birth ~ not actually the "family heirloom" ... ;O)