Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello Pea Baby

As noted previously, I'm going to be a grandpa. I am totally syched about it. I've been waiting for probably 3 or 4 years. No pressure on the kids... but I'm just at that point in my life. My kids are all grown up (don't tell Jaime I said that - I'm still denying that she will be 20 and telling her "no you won't. You are just a baby) and I'm just ready for a little kid to spoil and hand back to the parents.

And since I can't wait - and since there are cool things I see all the time that make me think about "her" (yeah, I know - no idea if it is a girl or a boy. But my babies were girls so that is how I think of the pea baby right now. We'll see. Either way will be extremely cool) - I've decided to start "talking" to her now.

Hey pea baby. I am *so* excited to see you. I know its still 8 months off... but I figured I'd say hello now. You're mom is so cute. You wouldn't believe how excited she is - and how "motherly" and "protective" she is already about you. Anyway - I have to get to work - but I just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know I'll be writting more stuff to you here. And oh - if you are a boy... sorry about calling you "her", "she", etc. - but "it" just doesn't feel right. If you are a boy - great. And remind me to tell you the story about the army fatigues! :)

Love you kid - talk to you later,

Papa James

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Mom said...

I am so excited too !!! :o)
I expect a girl also ~ to play tea party with and bake and cook with as I did with Tif. I still have the apron that I made for Tif, the small rolling pin and the dish that she ate out of and I'm sure I still have the tea set and some of the toys that we played with, etc.
If it's a boy I'll still be thrilled but it has been awhile since you were a baby so it will be quite an adjustment.
Just think, 8 months !
You will make such a great Grandpa