Sunday, January 28, 2007

US Border Patrol Agents Jailed for Shooting Drug Smuggler

A couple of weeks ago while driving into work and listening to the Laura Ingraham show, I heard her report on this topic and then found the following article, which opening read:
In El Paso, Texas, two former U.S. Border Patrol agents reported to federal prison officials Wednesday to begin serving sentences imposed after they were convicted last year of shooting an unarmed suspect in the back as he ran across the border into Mexico. The wounded suspect, who had been involved in drug smuggling, was given immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony against the law officers. As VOA’s Greg Flakus reports from Houston, the case has become a lightning rod for groups demanding better security on the border.

Basically - two border patrol agents (at least one decorated) shot a drug smuggler in teh butt as he ran back across the border. Because they did not fill out their "we discharged our weapons" paperwork - one is serving 10 years and the other 20 years in prison. This was accomplished by the US Govn't tracking down the drug smuggler and offering to heal his wounds, pay him money, get him back in the US, put him up in a nice room, etc., etc. Essentially "Mister Drug Smuggler, we'd like to treat you like a king if you'd be willing to come back and help put two of our hard working border patrol agents in prison."

Now maybe there is more going on in this that I'm aware of after listening to one talk show and reading one article. But apparently there are quite a few senators getting petitions to ask Bush to pardon these guys - so I would assume it is pretty much like it reads. Us going after the good guys, rather than spending the time and effort to make our borders more secure and go after the bad guys. Sigh.

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Sue Wagner said...

"Sigh" is right.
What is wrong with this picture anyway?
What great incentive is there for the border patrol to do their utmost in performing their "duties".
What are their "duties" anyway? To look the other way and let out country be flodded w/ more & more drugs, etc?
I saw a report a year or so ago on how the trucks crossing the border who are well-known drug transporters are ignored. The patrol just looks the other way.
The man interviewed was a former border patrol officer who was fed up w/ the situation.
How about us? Are we fed up yet??
This is riduclous!
I am not a "protester-type" but there has to be something that could be done here.
Yes, .... sigh for sure