Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hey kid, hows it going?


You mom left a comment on Its Official.

Hi daddy!
I just wanted to let you know that I finally read these - out loud with my hand on my belly even :).

And of course I sat here and bawled like a baby for no apparent reason. Not that this is a big surprise of course. It happens all the time lately. But thank you just the same! Pea Baby says hi right back.
Love you!

That was so cute of your mom. I love her so much. Her comment made me think of a couple of things.
  • Since she is reading these to you, I'd better keep writting them! Its been a while since the last one (which caused me to write this one). I've been pretty busy at work. Some actual work, and some just thinking about things. But I need to keep writting to you!
  • Its kind of amazing how much a child changes your life - even before they are born. As I think of her with you, it causes me to think alot about us with her. And all kinds of scenes flash through my head of when your grandma was carrying your mom, and things from when she was a little kid. You've really caused me to go back in time - and its very cool. I miss your mom lots.
  • As she'll probably tell you, and you'll find out, I'm not a great phone conversation person. I so enjoy when your folks are here during holidays. I wish they lived closer... In any case, we don't talk much, and she isn't emailing much later, so getting comments back on my blog is very cool.

Anyway - very weird what an impact you are making on our lives, and you aren't even "here" yet. I can't wait to see you and talk to you - even before you are born. You're mom is going to look so cute! We are planning on coming down in May for the HOG AZ State Rally - you should be showing kind of by then. How fun. And then of course coming down to actual get a real look at you when you are born.

Well - time to get ready for work. Hope you have a great day - and don't make your mom to sick.

Talk to you soon,

Papa James.

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