Friday, January 19, 2007

Didn't I go through this before?

[And life goes on - because we do live in a world made safer than it otherwise could be...]

When Tina was pregnant with Tif, she had all kinds of cravings. We lived next door to our restaraunt, and it wasn't uncommon for her to wake me up at 2AM with "Would you go make me a chocholate milkshake?" and I'd throw on some clothes, go open the restaraunt, turn on the shake machine and make one. She was making the baby... the least I could do was make her shakes in the middle of the night. But that is a distant memory...

So tonight she is on the phone with Tif and Jaime comes downstairs:
Mom is on the phone with Tif and Tif is craving CocoPops... and now mom is craving them too, so wonders if you'd go get her some?

So off to King Sooper's (its only 8PM, not 2AM) I go, to feed my wife's cravings brought on by the baby... but this time it isn't our baby, its our baby's baby.

Here we go again... only 8 months to go. ;)

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Tiffany said...

And the very worst part about this is that my husband did not go and get me Cocoa Puffs! Although to be fair he did get them the next day. And last night (at a reasonable hour) he made me brownies. I told him it's going to get worse... it's just starting! :)
Love you!