Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back out to DC

Heading back out to DC today. 9 AM flight to Washington, 3 hour lay over in Cincinnati. Fun. But the tickets were close to 1/2 the price of going on a quick flight, so I guess its worth it. And we get to fly out of the Springs, which is good.

Out there for 4 days. Should be a good trip. More than just a meeting with a customer, this time we are hoping to get some system work done that we can't do without the customer. Two days of development type work, followed by meetings to discuss next steps. Good stuff.

And then of course there is the eating. The big part of a business trip is figuring out where we will eat. :) Sunday - not sure yet. Monday, "adventure" trip into Georgetown with Terry and Joan to see if we can find somewhere cool to eat. May take an hour to get in - but hey, what else are we going to do. Just hang out at the hotel? Might as well make the most of it. Then Tuesday our "whenever you are in town come over and have dinner", dinner with Gregory's. And this time several other folks that used to be on the team but now live in DC are coming over. Should be a great time. Wed hopeuflly Thia or something cool. And then Thursday head home.

Food and work - two ways to measure the trip. :)

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