Sunday, January 29, 2006

Term-limited 'West Wing' ending in style

I had heard from Jaime that 'West Wing' was ending - but I wasn't sure if it was because it got cancelled or because the series decided to end itself. I'm really surprised it got cancelled; its one of my favorite shows. I've always thought the writting/acting was excellent.
That core audience includes Washington politicians, predictably mostly Democrats. But cast members have discovered that some Republicans watch, even though many share the belief of at least one TV critic that "The West Wing has supplied seven years of liberal propaganda."
While I agree that there was quite a bit of liberal viewpoint on the show (after all, it is a Democrate administration); I thought the overall viewpoint was one of honor, doing the right thing, and fighting for what you believe is right. So althought I didn't always agree with a particular stance they took on some issue, I was all for their passion, loyalty and honor in how they handled it. I guess one of my overriding feelings has been "I wish that is how politicians really acted" - because I don't get a sense this is how they really act.

Anyway - I'll miss it. I was really looking forward to seeing how they would handle a new administration, how they would transition cast members, who would stay on, etc. I think they've done an excellent job lately...

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