Sunday, January 22, 2006

Start 'em out young

I slipped going down the stairs yesterday afternoon, right before heading out to do grocery shopping. Didn't fall on my butt (like Tif), but did slide a few steps and kind of jar myself.

By the time I get done at the bank, Sams and King Soopers, my lower back is starting to ache. Sigh. OK... I need a Starbucks something fierce. That first jolt of caffine will surely help with the pain... Or at least make me feel better.

I call home to see if Jaime wants one. Of course she does. :) Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino.

As I'm waiting in line, I glance up at the Father holding his 4 year old daughter in his arms. Blue eys, long blonde pig tails. The Barista calls out, "Hot Chocolate for Laura" and the little girls eyes light up as her dad leans her forward and she pulls it off the bar.

And for a second I feel a connection with the guy. Two dads at Starbucks, both feeding our little girl's Starbucks habit. ;)

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