Sunday, January 22, 2006

What was that about?

Existing Sam's and the guy who quickly looks at my reciept, then into the basket, and then marks the reciept with an orange marker, is very distracted. This is odd. He is usually right on the ball. Today he keeps looking outside like something, then back into my cart, then outside. Finally he draws the line, then looking at his co-worker on the left side of the door, he says, "She cut around behind you just a minute ago. You missed her."

What and odd statement.

Then I push my cart out the door onto the sidewalk and there is a security guard and 2 or 3 managers, surrounding a mother with one little kid in a stroller and another little kid standing next to the stroller. They all look pretty stern, and she looks quite up-set, rummaging in her purse like she is looking for a reciept.

I continue on my way.

Busted? Shop-lifing some food out of Sam's with her two little kids?

Not sure. But I always wondered what the point of those "reciept makers" were. I mean, its not like they really check to make sure everything in your cart is on the list. Maybe the whole point is to just make sure you *have* a reciept. Hmm.

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