Friday, January 06, 2006

Free lance

I updated my profile. It no longer says that I'm a percussion player on the ICC worship team... After much struggle, thought, prayers (of my own and of other people), and having given it some "first of the year" reflection - I've left Impact. Most readers (at least that I know read this) already know - so since I put some of the struggle here, figured I'd post the update as well.

It was a very hard decision, and I'm going to miss folks, but the timing just seemed right and it seemed the right thing to do. To use a common Christian saying, "I just have peace about it." I really do. I went up to NCF last Sunday, and it just felt like home. Some of which is just my own heart.

There is no perfect church, there is no perfect person (except for one). Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, and what is going to work for you, your family, and your relationship with God.

So - I think I'm in a good place right now. I was able to totally worship at NCF on Sunday. Not think about anything, but just worship. And I went up to Tom and Jennifer's last night, and did some worship with them - and that was awesome too. And people were discussing various scriptures - and it was very cool because the one I posted yesterday morning totally tied in with what folks were talking about. God's just like that.

So... we'll see what happens. God usually surprises me. He moves me slowly, and rarely shows me the big picture. I figure I'll just kick around for a bit - but maybe he's got something right around the corner for me. Right not things seem very focused on work - and on "getting back to that first love" - of just doing free, unencumbered worship without worrying about things.

But who knows. I know you are all dying to know what happens next in my life - so as always... I'll blog it. :)

Well - its been a busy morning of sending emails and now blogging - guess its time to start thinking about work. Later ya'all (yes... I know I'm weird. That's the great thing about a blog. You can say whatever you want :))

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