Sunday, January 15, 2006

Feed my... introvertiveness

I had to make my bi-yearly doctor appointment to get my high blood pressure checked. I pretty much hate going to the doctor. Not because I don't like the doctor (I actually do like her, she's been my doctor for 15 years or something), but just because I: hate the interruption in my routine, think its somewhat a waste of time (yes, I still have high-blood pressue, yes I still need the pills, please right me another 6 month perscription... see you in 6 months). Since she knows this, she only gives me a 6 month prescription, because whatever my presription time period is - that is about how long it will take me to come back. So anyway... Since I'm also a procrastinator, I usually wait until the last minute to call and make my appointment. Which usually deals with things like "If I make my appointment now, I can get in, in time to get a new prescription and order it on-line, thus reducing the amount I have to pay", followed by "Oh - I forgot to call, and now its too late, so I might as well until its almost run out", etc., etc.

Bascially I have to call and make an appointment, but I hate talking on the phone, and so I just keep putting it off.

Well *this* time, at pretty much the last minute, I remememberd that my doctor's office allows you to make appointments via the web. Well *how cool* is taht? I don't even have to talk to anyone. Just click, fill in a few optimal time selections, click again, and a day later you get your appointment via email.


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