Friday, April 27, 2007

2007 HOG AZ State Rally Run - Day 1 Recap

Left home about 8:40:

It was a beautiful day. We stopped in Pueblo at VI for breakfast. Made quite a few stops during the day. Clouds a few times - but no rain. Just kept getting nice and clearing up. And getting warm.

Stopped along the Santa Fe Trail:

Where it was getting plenty hot and hey... there's cactus here!

Stopped for a late lunch in Las Vegas - yeah, Tina hasn't quite warmed up yet:

We got to Albuquerque by about 5:00 and it was still good weather, so we pushed on to Los Lunas. This is almost *exactly* 1/2 way. 412 from home and 415 to Tif's! This is in Valencia County. A 'V' County! Great for my ABC Rally! We ate dinner, unloaded the bike and Tina crashed. I jumped on the bike and went looking for county buildings (after looking them up on google! Got a good pic of the County Court House with the seal - but wasn't sure how it would turn out:

So also snapped one of the Treasurer - 'cuz I was sure that would turn out.

All in all a great day. Get some good sleep (hopefully) and another good full day tomorrow and we should be at Tif's around dinner time. And see our little pregnant girl! Woo hoo. :)

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