Monday, April 16, 2007

Getting close


Your mom posted another entry. She is *so cute*. Well to you she'll probably seem all grown up and adult like, but to me she is still my cute little girl. And if you read her blog... yeah, she doesn't have the "I'm an adult and have this all figured out" attitude... but then many first time parents don't.

I read Mighty Girl's post on her labor yesterday. Excellent post. Perhaps a bit graphic in spots, but really took me back to when your mom and aunt where born. Yeah... its the most magical of times. Hopefully when we get the news that you are arriving we can make it down to AZ in time. I'd love to be there to say "Hi!" when you arrive.

Speaking of seeing you... Only 11 more days till we leave to come down there! We got packed (while we are there and summer clothes) this weekend and grandma will be shipping them on Wed. We are hoping to take a nice leisurly trip down - maybe taking 3 days... But given the weather is good, I think its more likely going to be a "Get up at the crack of dawn and see how far we can make it in one day - arriving mid-afteroon of the second day" kind of trip. Yeah - we are pretty excited to see you and your mom - and you dad too. :)

The bike is all piped and ready to go. Your grandma and I have been talking about getting you on a bike when you are only a few days old. A few issues with that, like getting the bike down there or renting one and convincing your mom that its totally safe to have you on a motorcycle with a little skull cap and your Harley booties. :)

Well that was just exciting... I was just writting this when your grandma asked me to move your aunt's car, which was blocking her from leaving and going to work. So I went out (in my bathrobe - yes its 37 degrees outsdie) and got in the car and started it up. It takes a sec 'cuz I'm not used to driving it and looked down to see how to release the parking brake - when I noticed your grandma about to run into me. Yes - it was time for her to leave and the fact that I was sitting a couple of feet behind her was not apparently going to stop her from leaving. So I jammed it into reverse and stomped on the gas - shooting back a few feet - only to notice someone coming down the street. So I hit the brakes and looked back towards your grandma's car. Lukily I had put a few more feet between us, and now the other car was passed the driveway so I backed out into the street. By then grandma had notice me, stopped, and then continued to back out. That got my heart pumping and my already too high blood pressure sky-rocketing. I'm sure you're gradma will say "Hey - I saw you there, I was just *slowly* backing up." But yeah - it didn't feel like that at the time.

I'm sure you'll have many such stories to tell your folks as you grow up. Grandparent stories are so fun. :) So I'm just giving you some background info early. :)

Love you kid - see you in less than 2 weeks! Yeah, you won't be able to see us, but we'll read to you and I'll be the one poking your mom's stomach when you are both trying to sleep - so I can play with you. :)

Papa James.


PeaMommy said...

Hey! I am SO grown up and I totally have it all figured out.

We can't wait to see you guys!

Grammy said...

Your grandpa James is so totally an exagerater. I knew he was back there the whole time. His eyes get really big when he is scared!!! Can't wait to play with you and your mom !! Won't be long now