Friday, April 27, 2007

Apparently I *am* a good conversationalist

So... anyone that knows me knows I'm an intravert. Not big on striking up conversation with total strangers... But doing just that is one of the things that comes with owning a Harley.

I make a quick stop at the bathroom after gasing up - yes... I'm in the bathroom. Guy walks in - sounding pretty much like Cheech:

G: Hey man... is that your bike out there?
M: Yes
G: Righteous bike man
M: Thanks
G: Yeah... really righteous
M: Ah - thanks.
G: I just love bikes - even my old broke one
M: Me too
G: Yeah - I have a bike - but the handlebars got all rusty and broke off and now the wheels are almost touching the frame... But I'm going to get me a new bike soon. 'Cuz I just love bikes.
M: Yeah - they are great. turn to leave - trying to escape and get back to the ride
G: Umm... great conversation
M: Ah - yeah

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