Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mi Chante, Los Lunas, NM

Had dinner at Mi Chante in Los Lunas.

We were driving down the main road, Route 6 - the "Historic Route 66", towards town and away from the interstate - just looking for some fast food place, when I noticed a "Best homemade food in town." Says you... but maybe. So we swung around and parked out back.

Nice little Mexican restaurant. A converted house. Cool - blue corn, green chili chicken flat enchiladas. Yum. Trying to stay away from rice - so got the "Calabacitas". Tina said, "No rice please" and the waiter said, "Do you want the calabacitas or pappas instead?" Never heard of either of those before. I'd already spotted them on the menu so figured I'd try one of them. After all, if I've never heard of it, I have to give it a shot. Kind of like an infant that way I guess... "Hmm... never seen this thing before. Guess I'll throw it in my mouth to see what it is." :) - Turns out it calabacitas is zucchini and corn with cheese melted on it. Yum.

First bite of the green chili... oh - this is Chavez/TeresaMiller type green chili - not gringo green chili. Tina's comment, "Well duh - you're in New Mexico." A bit of a fire... but *very* good flavor. Not too hot - just a surprise. :) - Had to get a side of sour creme to cool it down a bit. Yeah... wimp. But it was good and not too hot, I'd order it again.

So - if you are ever in Los Lunas and looking for some good Mexican food - try it out. Its on Route 6, right side of the road heading into town from the interstate. A block or two before the 314 intersection.

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