Monday, April 02, 2007

I still got it

This happens quite often, but this was a little better. :)

Stopped by Tina's office to xfer some data with a jump drive. They were having issues getting a softcopy of a doc from one computer to another, so I said I'd stop by and xfer it with my jump drive, assuming both computers have USB ports (which they did). So - just a quick stop, xfer a file, and get to work. So I did that. Stopped by in my leathers, went in, walked in - nodded to Candy, walked behind the desk, pulled the jump drive from around my neck, did the xfer, said See ya and headed out. After I left one of the patients said:

P: That was *Tina's* husband?
C: Yeah
P: Tina looks so... proper.... And he was dressed in all leathers and stuff...

P: He's hot!

LOL - Yeah... almost 50 year old grandpa man. I still got it at times. :)

The ego boost, or laugh, or smile or whatever - was certainly worth the 2 minutes it took me to xfer the data. :)


SW said...

Priceless ! :o)

Anonymous said...

I guess I didn't realize how much that situation meant to you. I always think you are hot!!!