Monday, April 02, 2007

In Training

Less than a month until we head to see Tif and the HOG AZ State Rally. Approx 850 miles in two days. So far about the most we've ridden since last fall is 90 miles or so.

Yesterday we went to Southside Johnny's for lunch, and then road east. Made it out to Wetmore, Yoder, Rush and the Lincoln County line. We were thinking about continuing east to 71 - but didn't look it up ahead of time and weren't sure if it headed north. (It does). So - a big loop would be to head out to 71, up to Limon, and then back west. In any case, we turned around, back to Calahan Hwy, north to Judge Orr and then back into town, stopping at Frankies on the way. It was a good practice run, putting in 105 miles and making a few stops.

We are now thinking about going to Taos for a weekend, sometime before we head to AZ. Last year we had made quite a few runs before going to see Tif. We're just worried that making short runs around town or close by (due to the winter weather) and then doing 850 miles in two days, may not be wise. So we'll try to get in some longer runs before then.

Would like to get the pipes done this week (if they come in) then do a trip to try out the dyno-tune, then when we get back get new tires on right before the trip. May just do the tires at the same time and get it all done at once.

Anyway - training is going pretty good. :)

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