Sunday, April 29, 2007

We say "Hi!"


Wow - finally got to "meet" you. Grandma patted your mom's tummy and started laughing. Your mom is *so cute*. "I'm hugh!" - We both started laughing. Not so much - she is going to get much bigger.

After dinner we were all on the couch. Grandma was pushing on your head, at which point your dad said, "Hey - be careful". Yeah... its not like you have much room to get out of the way. Grandma and your mom asked if I wanted to feel your head. Sure! So they grab my hand, stick in on her tummy and push it. "Can you feel it?" "No."

They look at each other, "Yeah, I guess its a girl thing." OK... push here. Do you feel that? I feel *something*. That's the head! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT. Well you can just tell!

Ok... girl magic I guess.

But I keep my hand there and you kick me a few times. Very cool. :) I stick my mouth on your mom's tummy and say "Hi PeaBaby - This is PapaJames!" And your mom laughs and says my mustach tickles.

So - we've now officially said Hi! In the next day or two I'll get your mom on the bike and then you'll go for your "first" Harley ride! I know... I'll go *very slow* and be careful - but at least it will be a ride and you'll feel/hear it. :)

Love ya,

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