Sunday, April 15, 2007

Turned out to be a great day

Dropped the bike off at the shop on Thursday to get it "piped", a L-to-R (Live to Ride, Ride to Live) air cover added and a new back tire. Yes - time for a new back tire, we are 70 miles short of 9K miles already - and its almost 2 months of nice weather before we've had it a year! Anyway - I digress. So - dropped the bike off on Thursday because Friday was going to be the "mighty spring blizzard" and so we probably wouldn't be able to pick the bike up till Monday.

Friday the streets never even turned white.

Saturday - the sun is shinning - it is beautiful out. "Wonder if the bike is done?", Tina asks. "They'll call" I reply... My cell phone chirps with the "you've got voice mail sound". I listen

Jose: "You're bike is ready. I think you are really going to be pleased. It sounds great and the dyno-tune turned out really well. Great investement"


Jaime takes me to get the bike. Jose pulls it around... YEAH - It sounds like a Harley now. Went with Rush slash-up medium baffle pipes. Sam was right - they sound awesome. Not *too* loud, but like a Harley. And the pipes look great. I see a stock Blcak Perl Ultra in the lot - and it doesn't even look "right". Yeah, Capt'n Jack is definately becoming our own bike.

I head for the Elephant Bar - to meet Bec and Tina for lunch. I get about 1.5 miles and hear a bike behind me, so I pull over to the right of my lane as I pull up to a red light. This guy on a black chopper pulls up behind me.

G: Man I *love it* when the weather lets us out.
M: Yeah, beautiful day
G: Are those pipes brand new?
M: Yeah *brand new*. I *just* got them. And got it dyno-tuned.
G: Really - have you noticed much difference?
M: No... I mean I *just* picked it up. Like a mile from here.
G: Oh... just now at the shop. I thought so - I could still see the shinny on the inside of your pipes.

We talk a little more about his bike, dyno-tuning, etc. Then the light turns green and off we go.

Had lunch, then had to go home the long way - just to ride the "new" bike some. It sounds very cool. Can't really tell if it feels that much difference power wise. Its quick - but is always been kind of quick. Time will tell when we take some hills loaded down.

Then got home and kept pestering Tina to go for a ride. She loves the sound when I showed it to her, but hadn't riden it yet. We finally decide to do some trip shopping (she needed to pick up a few more things) on the bike and then go for dinner.

It was a great day, out on the bike, listening to it rumble (but no loud back-fire pops which I didn't want - the shop did a great job), enjoying the warm sun. Especially given we were expecting it to blizzard.

Maybe today if its awesome out we'll go for a ride somewhere. Yeah...

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